The Happy Coffee Network

A global community that shares your love for coffee

The membership includes:

Community Forums

to ‘nerd out’ and make new connections 


interactive and online


          by international          coffee experts

Community Events

       like our monthly        Brew-along

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Become a member today if:

you want to be part of a low stress, highly accessible community of coffee professionals

you want to keep learning from industry experts to improve your skills and knowledge

you want to make a positive impact on the coffee industry

Our mission:

never over complicate or assume knowledge

share what we know- so we all get smarter

help you when we can & give support

respect & ENJOY our shared love for coffee

Do you ever…

think you aren’t good/smart/skilled enough to share your own experience or knowledge (yet)?

feel like you don’t want to look stupid asking questions?

want more help to become better at brewing a great coffee or describing its flavour?

then The Happy Coffee Network is for YOU

(and you should totally sign up)

Monthly Membership

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€ 10 /month


  • forum access
  • Masterclasses – live & recordings
  • workshops & interviews
  • Q&A’s with industry experts
  • tons of tips from fellow coffee lovers
  • community events

Including 4 free e-courses (total worth 164,85):

Annual Membership

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Save up€ 8,25 |month

€ 99 / year

  • forum access
  • Masterclasses – live & recordings
  • workshops & interviews
  • Q&A’s with industry experts
  • tons of tips from fellow coffee lovers
  • community events

Including 4 free e-courses (total worth 164,85):

Premium Membership

E-Courses + community

Newincl. 4 e-courses

€ 199 | year

  • forum access
  • Masterclasses – live & recordings
  • workshops & interviews
  • Q&A’s with industry experts
  • tons of tips from fellow coffee lovers
  • community events


  • Including 3 E-courses
    (total worth 164,85):

Master Your Aeropress: 49,95
Advanced Milk Techniques: 49,95
Ace Your Aeropress Competition: 64,95

You might be wondering… 


What do I get as a member of The Happy Coffee Network?

You become part of a global community of coffee lovers. You get access to our monthly events, workshops and gettogethers. You can interact with other likeminded coffee people who believe coffee should be fun and inclusive. And if you’re a Plus Member, you also get unlimited access for a year to our e-courses!

Which events are included in my membership?

We have regular online events like interactive workshops, Masterclasses and Q&A’s with industry experts. 

We also have our community social event every month called the Brewalong.

Besides that, we organise different events around specific themes or offline events like coffee tradeshows.

Can I pay per year instead of per month?

Absolutely! It’ll even save you a few bucks 😉

Are E-courses included in my membership?

If you have a Plus Membership, you get unlimited access for a full year to all our e-courses, (including the ones we’ll add in the course of that year) as well as access to the community with its events.

In a regular membership, you get access to the community (including events, workshops etc). The e-courses can be purchased seperately too if there’s one that sparks your interest!

What kind of topics can I talk about in the community?


Very few things are off limit!
Coffee is the thing that connects us, so most topics will have to do with that.

However, we also discuss challenges in the workplace, mental health, and hobbies.

As long as its not offensive or rude or goes against our Community Guidelines, you’re welcome to start a thread 😉

Do I need to know a lot about coffee to be able to interact in the community?

Absolutely not. Your level of knowledge and skill is not relevant to being a valued member.

We believe everyone brings something valuable to the table, whether youre an seasoned coffee professional or an enthusiastic home barista.

The community is about sharing and learning together, and most of all having some fun together.

How can I connect with other community members?

In the community, you have the option to follow other members as well as send them a direct message. The best way however is through attending one of our online events like our Brewalong, where you can meet other members live!

I’m a coffee professional, does this community provide value to me?

If you like talking, learning and connecting over coffee: absolutely yes! It doesn’t matter if you’re a new barista or a seasoned roaster, importer or any kind of job in our industry: we’re confident you’ll have interesting stuff to share. And it might be great for your professional networking opportunities too!

I’m a passionate home barista, is it worth joining the Network for me?

Do you enjoy learning from and with other coffee geeks like yourself? In our community, we don’t make a distinction between professionals or enthusiastic home brewers. In fact, many home brewers have more knowledge and passion than many professionals! So yes, the Network is very much for you if you want to share your experiences and learn from other people’s too.

Are all events held online?

Most of them yes, to make them as accessible to as many people as possible. However, every now and then we try to organise offline events too, for instance when there’s several members headed to a coffee tradeshow or festival. There’s nothing like meeting up in real life with people you’ve gotten to know online!

I live in a different timezone, can I still join the events?

We try to accomodate for as many members as possible when we pick our event times. That means sometimes we’ll have them on the weekends, and sometimes during the week (as many of our members work weekendshifts as baristas). In terms of timezones, we also change them so as many people can join as possible. However, we are a global community so a little inconvenience sometimes is inevitable. Often, we do record our events and post those recordings in the community for you to rewatch at your own convenience.

Can I organise my own event in the community?

You can! If you have a fun idea to bring people together around the topic of coffee, you’re more then welcome to add your own event to our Event calendar as long as its a free event.