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    We are the Happy Coffe Network:

    Curious, ambitious, passionate coffee professionals.

    We want to learn more, grow our skills and get access to the latest knowledge.

    We want to grow as a person ánd a professional.

    To us, coffee is more than our job. It’s our lifestyle.

    Our mission:

    never over complicate – or assume knowledge

    share what we know so we all get smarter

    help you when we can & give support

    respect & ENJOY our shared love for coffee

    portrait wendelien

    The founder

    Hi! I’m Wendelien 🙂

    You may know me as the 2019 World Aeropress Champion, or maybe you’ve seen me online, or perhaps on stage as judge, speaker or MC at a coffee event somewhere around the world.

    My career in coffee has its had ups and downs -like yours probably.

    There were many times I didn’t know where I belonged, or what my place in the overwhelming coffee industry was.

    I’ve felt alone often, and struggled through not one, but two burnouts (I’m also a little stubborn…)

    After 15 years working in our beautiful – but complex- industry, I decided to create that positive place myself: The Happy Coffee Network.

    A place where you will always feel welcome, supported and cheered on.

    Where you don’t have to have all the answers, but you’re simply surrounded by likeminded people who are all trying their best evey day.

    After all, coffee tastes better with friends!


    xx Wendelien

    What’s in the Happy Coffee Network?

    “The Network has given me a place to connect with other coffee follks in an extremely low stress, super positive environment.”

    Andy Cutler

    “I love the Happy Coffee Network because of its members and every Brewalong, from passionate home baristas to professionals, I get to see new perspectives and meet incredible people😍”

    David Rickenback

    Our Community

    We’re the friendliest international community for coffee professionals.What sets us apart?

    • No large egos.
    • A sense of humor.
    • Endless curiousity.
    • Always supportive.

    Master your Aeropress






    Our E-courses

    To help you get a headstart in your cafeer, we’ve created some amazing value-packed online courses.

    Online, interactive, taught by experts from the coffee industry.

    Join live or learn at a moment that suits you best.

    The Happy Coffee Podcast


    Listen and get inspired by the stories of real people from the coffee industry.

    Producers, roasters, barista’s, green coffee buyers, entrepeneurs, competitors.

    We all have a story to share, and we’d love to hear yours.

    cover the happy coffee podcast

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    The Happy Coffee Blog


    You’re never really  done learning – especially in an industry that changes as rapidly as coffee.

    Keep upgrading your knowledge with the help of our blog about the most recent science behind our beloved black beverage.

    Upcoming events

    • Member Meetup @World of Coffee
    • Play WoC Bingo with us!
    • Masterclass: 'Coffee Cocktails'
    • Workshop 'Brewing Basics': v60